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10. Vintage watch

 Like I said in the last post here is finally new column of this blog.Every month I will talk about my favourite things at the moment.So above you can click on each photo to see where you can purchuse thing If you want.I got this body lotion and shower gel for christmas and I must say smell of these products is amazing.Actually I don't like vanilla that much but this suprised me in every way.You probably heard that every woman has her own significant sent so for me that is Calvin Klein "In 2 you".I don't like floral,sweet sents, this one is more mature one.This cute bag is from Mango.It's in my favourite maroon color and has cute,fluffy ball chain.I love Lush products so much.It's tonic water that cleans your skin and treat dryness.Music favourite this month is definitely Urban Flora EP by Alina Baraz.I listen this multiply times in day.It's mix of eletronic and rnb.Great lash mascara is my number one mascara of all times.It's good for those small lashes,it makes a huge difference.I found this shirt in Zara and fell in love with it.It's actually same material as sweater and you know how much I love stripes.I actually didn't owned any slip on shoes so I finally bought these ones from Mango.They are grey which is my favourite color.I can't describe to you how much I love this planner.It's great for school or anything actually.It's small so you can put it in your bag,great design also.I love my black watch so much,I can't go they without it.And last but not least Diego Palma blush witch is given to me.Never been into blush but it's actually perfect color for my skin and I love it.Hope you liked this type of post and comment down below your favourites.

                                                                                                            Till the next time,keep smiling

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  1. great things :D

  2. Love the Calvin Klein perfume! x

  3. Nice inspo! Love from Sweden :*

  4. Amazing things! Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Great list! I want that same bag!! :)


  6. in love with your choices!
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    I will follow you back after it.

  7. I have that Calvin Klein Perfume, it's so good!!x


  8. Such an amazing post!I have a giveaway on my fb page, if you're interested :)


  9. Great selection. I would love to try the Lush product.

    x Karen

  10. Great picks

  11. I like your blog, its really dope.
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  12. Great post dear, have a nice day!
    new post