My favorite coffee shops (Zagreb)

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You can get coffee anywhere in the world and although it might vary from place to place, it has been universally embraced as the hot beverage of the morning. Some say they can't even work without it. Others would rather give up smoking than their caffeine habit.

Yes,I call myself coffee enthusiast(She notices what coffee tastes like every time she takes a sip,she’s looking for an experience with her coffee that’s similar to what a patron of the arts experience). And every time I visit some new place I made a list of coffee places/spots I need to visit and try their coffee.So in need for that I decided to make it even more interesting and write a column about it here on blog.
I named it "My favorite coffee shops" but if you have some other ideas I would like to hear it.Today I'm introducing you my top 3 coffee spots in Zagreb.


When I first saw pictures from this cafe I immediately fell in love with it.Interior and atmosphere is just return you in old times when everything was so much more romantic and prettier.I must says this cafe has soul and I enjoyed it.It's placed in perfect quiet and relaxing area where you can read a book or enjoying your cup of coffee(which is great btw).Specifically, in this bar every object and piece of furniture has a long, rich history, nothing is false and invented which is so interesting.


This cafe is the total opposite of the past one.When you enter this cafe it's like you are entered some kind of magical place in cartoon and that's why people love it especially people from Zagreb.It's amazing place where you can escape from city noise and problems.It's great for spring and summer.
The house specialty is the gin and tonic, refreshing alcoholic beverage that also fits perfectly into the atmosphere.


Last but not least is Velvet cafe.It is located in the center of the city so it's must to visit.If you do not sit on the terrace, especially in the colder season, Velvet offers refuge in his two separate spaces - white and black. White Velvet is fresh, bathed in light, filled with the scent of fresh cakes and coffee and as such is perfect for daily gatherings with sweet snack.Black Velvet is a mystical, atmospheric, perfect for an escape from the noise because there you feel like you can hide from anything.

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  1. There is nothing that I love more than coffee!!! This is a great post, they look like awesome places :)
    xx Annie

  2. great post! i hope you're having a lovely day ;D


  3. Wow,such a wonderful pics!

  4. Great post!! I also love coffee so it's great when you find a cool place with delicious coffee and beautiful atmosphere!


    Seize your Style

  5. Lovely places. Kisses :)

  6. So lovely post!

  7. Naletio sam na tvoj blog i evo već dugooooooo uživam u sadržaju. Stvarno si divna i blog ti je mnogo dobar i inspiritivan. Svaka čast. Pozdravi iz Bosne :D

  8. This is lovely! Wish I had seen this when I was in Croatia last month. I really want to go back now!